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Couples Therapy / Intimate partner therapy 

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 I offer couples therapy on a short or longer term basis.
I believe we all want the best relationship we can possibly have, but sadly things sometimes things go wrong.  

I integrate both Emotion Focused Therapy

and the psychodynamic understanding of how relationships operate to help couples make sense of relationship distress and helps clients understand and change negative patterns into more secure and safe connections. 

Couples seek counselling for a number of reasons, including but not limited too:

  • feeling detached from the relationship

  • Infidelity/lack of trust

  • Difficulty communicating

  • High conflict/rows

  • Affairs or mistrust

  • Sex and Intimacy difficulties

  • Separation / Divorce 

As well as my advanced diploma in Psychotherapeutic  counselling, I have also undertaking extra training  with  Dr. Sue Johnson

(Intensive Course in Emotionally Focused Therapy) : Attachment-based interventions for couples in crisis.  CICS (Contemporary institute of clinical sexology)  qualifation DIP in Contempory Intimate Partner Therapy, which offers client focused interventions in the treatment of sexual and relationship problems. (accredited by both CORTS and NCIP) 

Therapies offered


Areas of counselling I can help with



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